Middletown, DE- March 30, 2010: Industry leaders frustrated with high cost of inspection push for speed in the quality department without sacrificing accuracy or adding complexity. These days, equipment is only as good as the software that runs it. “Customers don’t want a collection of parts; they want a turn-key solution to their inspection problems that includes powerful software to drive the system,” says Erik Adams of OASIS Inspection Systems

The OASIS Inspection System is driven by its own proprietary software that powers the system to operate at very high inspection speeds. New to the system is a strobe light source that creates the part shadow to be measured, and is controlled by the OASIS software to pulse light in micro-second bursts that effectively stops action.

Couple that with a strobe rate of six bursts per second, synchronized with the shutter on the digital camera, and the result is the OASIS’ ability to measure all external dimensions in under a second—all without the part ever needing to stop.

In yet another newly released feature geared toward speed, one-click reporting now instantly takes all measurements and exports them to SPC programs or the OASIS report spreadsheet.

“The speed of the OASIS has reduced our inspection time to seconds per component, reducing the need for a dedicated inspector doing audits and allowing the operator to inspect each component 100 percent,” says Daniel Proveaux, quality assurance manager of Goodrich Corp. at Bamberg, South Carolina. “This has resulted in real-time data acquisition that helps manage tool wear and keeps the process stable during operation. The OASIS is the perfect inspection system to reduce inspection labor and is a great tool to monitor process operations.

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The OASIS is a full-featured machine vision inspection system designed to measure multiple profile dimensions on parts, accurate to +/- 0.0001-inches, with all the measurements done in less than a second.