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If you’re looking for a quality inspection system that’s fast, accurate, but above all easy…

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Meet The OASIS

The simplest and fastest vision inspection system in the precision parts manufacturing industry.

The OASIS is used daily in many different manufacturing and assembly industries worldwide including automotive, aerospace, medical, dental, electronics, energy, healthcare, fasteners, firearms, ammunition, defense, and construction, among others. What these industries have in common is the need for quality control processes that enhance efficiency while producing consistent high quality outputs of precision components.

From our manufacturing and testing facility in Middletown, Delaware, Junia Holdings dba OASIS Inspection Systems, have been helping precision part manufacturers speed up and improve their quality control processes throughout the United States and across the globe, since 2008.

We’ve manufactured and supplied more than 800 non-contact optical inspection systems, and counting.​

What makes OASIS Inspection Systems different?

Unmatched customer support

We’re passionate about serving our customers well and making sure they achieve measurable results. This means offering them training and after-sales support to make sure their machine pays for itself quickly.


The non-contact horizontal presentation is unique to the OASIS, and reduces the margin for human error. All our systems are simple and easy to operate, while being extremely powerful. The OASIS has ONE job and it does this job excellently!


Unlike other complex machines on the market, you’re not paying for the complicated and unnecessary bells and whistles. An OASIS will cost you a fraction of the price of its competitors, while also being much easier to use.

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"The OASIS is an incredible inspection device for small components. Our OASIS has saved us so much time on sorting parts, manufacturing setups, and incoming inspection. Low cost compared to other machines, great support and easy programming made this an easy decision."

- Gary D., Clippard Instrument Laboratory

Meet the OASIS team

Meet the passionate and committed team behind OASIS Inspection Systems.

Tunji Taiwo

President / CEO

Miki Edge

General Manager

Qrishawna Cottman

Tech Support Lead

Matt Tucker

Regional Sales Representative